Myspace page set up for missing mother and daughter

Myspace page set up for missing mother and daughter

Friends of a missing mother and daughter are taking extraordinary steps to make sure their disappearance isn't forgotten.

Kim Whitton and 11-year-old Haleigh Culwell of Jackson County were last seen June 21st.

Kim and Haleigh's friends are rallying the community, a banning together of sorts.

Their goal is to raise awareness in hopes of bringing an end to this ordeal.

Purple is Kim's favorite color.

Now it's being used as a reminder of Kim her daughter, Haleigh's disappearance.

"If you can put a purple ribbon on your mailbox, on your car antenna, wear one on your shirt. Whatever, whatever it may be, just to remember them," says Kristy Wright.

Kim's co-workers at Cloverdale Manor in Scottsboro started the campaign.

They're the ones that reported them missing and now they want to help bring them home.

They've also turned to the internet.

"A few of us got together and created a Myspace page," says Wright.

Adorned in purple ribbons, the website has messages from friends and family.

It's just another way to make sure the missing mother and daughter don't fade from our hearts and minds.

"We just want to keep their pictures out there in the news and see if anyone recognizes them or has any knowledge to their whereabouts or what has happened. We're going into the 6th week now and still no word from either of them," says Wright.

It's concern that's sparking a candlelight prayer vigil. The event is Saturday, August 4th at the Goosepond Colony Ampitheater in Scottsboro.

Weather permitting, there will be free food, singing and guest speakers at 6.

At sunset, the candles will be lit, offering prayers and hope for the missing mother and daughter.

"We just wanted to get it out to everyone and invite everyone to come out and join us."

At the vigil, there will also be up to 300 balloons released.

They'll have Kim and Haleigh's pictures attached, as well as a number for law enforcement.