Tree destroys Madison County house

Tree destroys Madison County house

A fallen tree crushed a Valley couple's home and cars.

They say the oak doesn't belong to them.

It's on the neighbor's property and that neighbor should be held responsible.

Sunday evening there wasn't a cloud in the sky when a 100 year old oak tree suddenly split and fell, crushing the front of Anthony Hutchens and Heather Free's mobile home.

"The top of the tree came down on the house it was old and rotten," says Heather Free.

Anthony was inside eating supper and Heather was outside when she heard limbs falling.

"My husband was in the house. I was out back putting up clothes. I was hearing like acorns falling down from the tree. All of a sudden I heard a big crash and it all came down," says Free.

The tree crushed the front porch, punched a hole in the roof, damaged cars parked in the front yard, and cut electricity to the house.

"It could have been prevented if somebody would take care of it," says Free.

The couple says the oak tree doesn't belong to them.

It sits on their neighbors property.

They've asked several times to have the oak cut down, afraid something like this might happen.

Right now, they have no choice but to saw the logs themselves, even though they say it's not fair they should clean up what's not even theirs.

"Gonna try to get money out of him for it. If not its our loss our guess. We'll have to clean it up and repair it," says Free.

We tried contacting the owner of the property.

Our phone call was not immediately returned.