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Live from Baghdad

An emotional story in Huntsville.

A family is able to see their father via satellite for the first time in a year.

Staff Sergeant David Francies serves our country in the National Guard and right now, he's working in Baghdad.

Through a satellite uplink , WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn had a chance to speak with him as well.

She has more in this report.

"Hi David. How are you?"

It's the first time in over a year, Anita Francies and her 2 kids, Emilie and Jakob have seen their father.

"Great, how are you doing? I'm doing ok."

Since July of 2006 Staff Sgt. Francies has been in Baghdad.

A long ways from home for the family of 6.

"Hi guys, how are you,are you guys behaving yourselves? yes."

Francies is a light wheel mechanic for the Army.

In only a few minutes we were able to ask him his take on the war doing what he does best.

To see more on this report, click the link above the picture.


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