Restaurant Scorecard for 7/27, Botulism scare

Restaurant Scorecard for 7/27, Botulism scare

We have a correction to make. During yesterday's Restaurant Scorecard report, we stated that Simp McGhee's in Decatur recently scored an 85 in a health department inspection of the eatery.  The score was actually at 95.  We sincerely regret the error.

If you love chili sauce on your hot dog, check the label before spooning it on. Castleberry food company has pulled nearly 80 canned chili and beef stew products from its shelves. Some of it may be tainted with a deadly form of botchulism.

Waff 48 Restaurant Scorecard Investigator Elizabeth Gentle has the story.

Viewers emailed the WAFF-48 Restaurant Scorecard Investigators this week. They were concerned about a risk of botulism poisoning after a canned food recall. We've got the answers you want. Plus, health rating scores you requested from several favorite eateries. Here's tonight's scorecard report.

The recall involves more than 80 types of Castleberry canned meat products. Products include  corned beef hash, chili, beef stew and four varities of dog food.

The company pulled the recalled cans, which could be tainted with a potentially fatal food poisioning known as botulism.

Barbara Daly from the Limestone County Health Department said, "as it grows it produces metabolites. Those metabolic toxins make you sick."

Symptoms of botulism can occur from 18-36 hours after eating contaminated food, like chili sauce on a hot dog. And, if left untreated, Daly says it can lead to paralysis and worse.

Botulism can be fatal.

Now its time for a check of this week's health scores.

We start with our rotten ratings.

Relax Inn on Highway 157 in Moulton scored an 81.

Simp Mcghee's on Bank Street in Decatur scored an 95.

Villa Restaurant in Falkville also an 85.

A score less than that means the health inspector will be back for a check.

We have a number of scorecard standouts this week.

McDonald's at 412 Highway 43 south in Tuscumbia scored a 99.

D-P's Classic Grille in Sheffield scored 97.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Cullman scored a 98.

The Taco Bell and Long John Silver #22757 on Highway 157 scored 96.

Subway #34734 on Olive Street in Cullman scored a 94.

Alli's Inn on Tennessee Street in Courtland scored 98.

Family Dollar Stores of Alabama Inc. # 3466 scored 94.

Red Bay Senior Center in Franklin County earned a perfect 100.

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