Accused cop killer Benito Albarran enters plea, trial date set

Accused cop killer Benito Albarran enters plea, trial date set

A trial date's been set, and a plea entered for a man accused of killing a Huntsville Police officer in August 2005.

Meanwhile, his police family is reacting to that plea. Benito Albarran will go to trial April 7th, 2008 for killing Officer Daniel Golden.

Thursday, his attorney entered a plea of *Not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.*

Golden's colleagues are taking a wait and see approach on how the trial unfolds.

"I was not aware of them entering that plea today," said Rex Reynolds, who was Huntsville's Police Chief at the time of Golden's death.

Reynolds is now head of Huntsville's Department of Public Safety.

It's a plea that no one really calls shocking.

"It (the plea) puts a different spin on it," said Rob Broussard, one of the prosecutors in the case.

"There will be further evaluation of him by mental health experts," he said.

More evaluations of Benito Albarran, who is accused of shooting Huntsville officer Daniel Golden in August 2005, when Golden was responding to a domestic call at a Mexican restaurant on Jordan Lane.

Albarran's attorney Bruce Gardner says no doubt there's evidence Albarran suffers from a mental disease and did so at the time of the shooting.

If a jury agrees, Albarran would spend his time in a mental facility until he's rehabilitated.

The prosecution though, seeks the death penalty.

And Huntsville Police? They seek justice.

"I have faith in the judicial system, in the district attorney's office, but we'll remain quiet at this time and wait on the judicial system," said Reynolds.

Gardner says he will not seek a change of venue in this case. Pretrial hearings are scheduled for January 24th.