Madison contemplates need for new high school

Madison contemplates need for new high school

A new high school may have to be built in the future if Madison continues its rapid growth.

Currently, they have one high school.

As the area continues to expand, another one may have to be built.

More and more people are moving to the area, housing is booming, and schools are thriving.

So much, Madison City school leaders are discussing the possibility of building a new high school.

They are not experiencing an overcrowding situation yet.

After adding 20 new classrooms for grades ten through twelve, ninth graders were moved back to the middle schools several years ago.

"The strategic plan is looking at grad configurations. Should we go back to 9/12, 9/10, should we look at 10/12 or a 9/10 academy. Those are options the board will be weighing," says Dr. Dee Fowler.

But, where should a new high school be built and how will the system pay for a $40 million facility?

"If the board were to decide tomorrow we need a 9-12 or a 10-12 we do not have the funding source to complete that building," says Fowler.

For now, Bob Jones is the only high school in Madison City, but that may not be the case for many more years.

"At some point an additional structure will have to be built. 9-10 or 9-12 or portables will have to be brought in if we can't find funding source," says Fowler.

No decisions were made at Wednesday's board meeting.

Another work session is scheduled to discuss plans.