Verdict in for "Tre" Wells

Verdict in for "Tre" Wells

The verdict is in for the man accused of killing his parents.

"Tre" Wells confessed to killing James and Lavonda Wells at their Tuscumbia homes in Colbert County in 2003.

Wells has been found NOT guilty of the murder of his father and guilty of manslaughter in the death of his mother.

Jury began deliberations began Wednesday afternoon in the high-profile capital murder trial of Tre Wells.

The jurors had to determine why Wells killed his parents, and with a 2 and a half weeks of testimony on both sides, they had a lot to weigh.

The defense tried to prove that Wells was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by his parents for years and that he suffered post traumatic stress syndrome at the time of the murder.

The prosecution said Wells was upset over being grounded.

The trial turned into a of battle experts.

"For a jury that's not trained in this field, it can be a confusing situation to be in. It's easy for us to speak about this situation because we're trained in this field, but a jury is not. So what they have to look at is the credibility of each evaluator as they perceived it on the stands and the credibility of the report," says Director of Forensics at Cramer Children's Advocacy Center Monica Haddock.