Boaters could be fined if they don't follow leasing policies

Boaters could be fined if they don't follow leasing policies

The calm waters at Ditto Landing could get a little choppy for boaters who play but don't pay.

Some boaters who rent spots at the marina are ignoring the insurance requirements. Those requirements are in line to keep Ditto Landing thriving as a business and to protect it and other boaters.

The governing board for Ditto Landing hopes the penalties they're considering will be enough to get everyone in compliance.

Boaters beware, the governing board for Ditto Landing says two years is plenty of time to get on board with policy that some are ignoring.

"We've been more than patient, more than patient," said Wally Kirkpatrick, President of the Board for Ditto Landing.

Now the time has come to rock the boat for boaters who lease these boat slips and spots in the storage building. If you don't meet the marina's insurance requirements, well, you won't play at Ditto Landing. Instead, you may pay up a hefty fine--or even watch your boat wash up--confiscated or even sold.

"Those are items of last resort, what we want are compliance with rules and policies," said Kirkpatrick.

Those rules and policies include that tenants sign a license agreement, carry liability insurance and names Ditto Landing as a secondary beneficiary to cover any losses.

"Our goal is to accumulate additional financial assets so we can make future improvements to Ditto," he said.

The fines, possible impoundment or selling of boats are all being discussed, but nothing will be finalized until the next board meeting in August.