Neighbor says abandoned house is a health hazard

Neighbor says abandoned house is a health hazard

Southwest resident, Karen Sharp, is not happy with the property next door.

"It's been empty for a good while and we've been trying to get some satisfaction on....I called the real estate company when there was a real estate sign there."

The grass and weeds are so high, they easily grow over the head of a 6 foot man.

"No one's been cutting the back yard, but my husband and I have taken care of the front yard because it looked so bad and we were worried," adds Sharp.

Another problem? A swimming pool with millions of mosquito eggs and bugs.

Her son went in his own backyard two days ago to play football with his dad and was swarmed with mosquitos.

"He come in and he has all these bites all over his legs," she says.

One place she called was the environmental division of the Morgan County Health Department.

"Apparently they sent somebody over and wasn't too long before they had a wire mesh over it. I thought they were covering it completely."

But the openings in this so called mesh are big enough for a bottle to pass through.

We talked with folks at both the community development office and with the city of Decatur.

They are going to issue a notice to the owner and if they fail to correct the problem, the city will clean it up and bill the property owner.

The environmental division of the county health department said they would look into it.