Shoals intersections hot spots for accidents

Shoals intersections hot spots for accidents

Several Shoals intersections are hot spots for traffic accidents, but the big question is whether the problem is the intersection or the drivers.

Two of the main intersections are in Florence in Lauderdale County.

The spots are areas of heavy traffic, but many say you can't blame the roads or the traffic.

If you're driving through Florence, statistics show the intersection where you're most likely to get into an accident is Florence Boulevard and Cox Creek Parkway in Florence.

This spot beat out 5 cities and 4 counties in the Shoals area for having the most vehicle accidents the past year.

There have been 20 vehicle crashes at that spot.

A tight spot at the intersection of Pine Street and Wood Avenue is also a place where more accidents occur.

Those who work nearby say it's not the intersection but the drivers.

"We see every wreck every accident that happens at the intersection here. The intersection as a whole, it's a good intersection, a lot of traffic. It's mainly driver error that causes a lot of accidents here. They don't pay attention to the lights," says Brandon Wilson who works at a business near the intersection.

Woodward and Avalon in Muscle Shoals also topped the list.

Troopers say many of these accident can be avoided by simply paying attention.