NBA Scandal

The investigation continues into the alleged NBA point shaving scandal involving veteran referee Tim Donaghy.

Donaghy is expected to surrender to authorities in the coming days.

Meanwhile, NBA commissioner David Stern spoke to the press this morning about the scandal.

Michelle Franzen reports from New York.

It is the biggest scandal to hit pro basketball--an investigation into whether former NBA referee Tim Donaghy's gambling problem and possible ties to the mob led to a point shaving and betting scheme.

Today, NBA commissioner David Stern said the league is helping in the investigation and pledged to purge the game of any individual who betrays the sport.

David Stern said, "referees may not either gamble on our games or provide information to anyone about those games."

Stern also addressed concerns about what the league knew about Donaghy's gambling problem and when.

"There has been some speculation that we knew that donaghy was betting this season, and never the less let him work. That's not true."

Donaghy, an NBA referee for over a decade, officiated more than 700 regular season games and 20 playoff games.

He is accused of betting on league games, including some he was officiating.

TheFBI is investigating if some of the calls Donaghy made, affected the point spread and outcome of those games he or his acquaintances bet on.

Len Elmore, president of National Basketball Retired Players Association, said, "here we have something with the officials that really cuts to the integrity of the game and that's something that is so much harder to repair."

Donaghy is expected to turn himself in to federal authorities in New York later this week.