Minimum wage increase sorely needed

Minimum wage increase sorely needed

The federal minimum wage goes up this week.

While some lawmakers and labor experts say it's still far from ideal, many wage workers are thankful for the extra jingle in their pockets.

Of course, there is more than one side to this issue and it often pits labor against business.

Freda Beasley is one of many people who work for non profit groups through NARCOG.

That pay? Minimum wage.

She joins other employees who will soon make $5.85 an hour...a 70 cent increase per hour.

In a year's time, she will earn $12,000 before taxes.

Freda says she's excited about the increase.

"It's going to have a tremendous effect on me, because I am on a limited income. My husband and I are senior citizens and we have a lot of medication to purchase and everything and this is going to be a lot of extra cents in my pocket, so I am very excited about it."

While some labor representatives say it's too little for one of the wealthiest countries, some small business owners say it hurts them.