Minors accused of getting 4 year old drunk

Minors accused of getting 4 year old drunk

A 4 year old is found with a blood alcohol level of .01 and that was 12 hours after his cousin allegedly served him shots of gin and beer.

Authorities say the cousin is underage and all the events took place in a dry county.

WAFF 48 talked with a very angry mother and law enforcement who says charges will be brought against two young men.

4 year old Austin is completely recovered from his bout with booze.

"He goes to my sister's house all the time. And I never thought anything about him going up there," says Stephanie Ausban.

This time he was in the company of cousin Bryan Burns and William Shikle, both 20 years old.

Soon 4 year old Austin was drunk.

"They started doing it as a joke and it was one that was biting everyone in the tail," says Ausban.

A joke, maybe, but this mother wasn't laughing.

"They brought him home and he had the smell of alcohol on his breath. And 30 minutes later, he started puking. And I jumped both of their tails, it was two of them that had did it," says Ausban.

About the same time, an anonymous tip came into the Cullman County Sheriff's Office and they responded.

"He got there and made contact with the child's mother and found that the 4 year old was intoxicated and had been given some type of alcohol," says Lt. Phillip Patterson.

Austin was taken to the hospital.

Ausban was frightened by the whole situation. She says she hopes the boys learn a big lesson.

"Does it make you angry at them?"

"Yea, and I'm pressing charges. I've signed restraining orders against both of them, and it's hard with Bryan being my nephew," says Ausban.

"Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and providing alcohol to an underage child," says Patterson.

While burns turned himself in, Shikle is still being sought by deputies.

Anyone with any information concerning his whereabouts is encouraged to call the Cullman County Sheriff's Department