Woman found alive after frantic search

A Madison County woman is home today, after workers spent the entire day looking for her.

Patricia Mcelyea was found yesterday at around 6:00 p.m.

People swarmed the search area, giving up their time to search for a woman many of them had never even met.

WAFF 48 News Reporter Rachad Hollis has the story regarding their selfless determination.

Helicopters, four wheelers, motorcycles and a rescue crew arrived on the scene to search the nearby creek to find 35 year old Patricia Ann Mcelyea.

Robert Hays from the Madison County Sheriff's Department said, "She disappeared from her house and her boyfriend found some blood in the bathroom and that's how it all started."

Mcelyea disappeared early Sunday at Walelia Canoe Landing.

Witnesses tell authorities that Mcelyea was bleeding from her arm.

"She had some cuts on her wrist it looks like. She had some medical problems", said Hays.

Hours went by and still no word that Mcelyea was found.

Emergency crews from Madison County, Moores Mill and Hazel Green stood by waiting patiently for any sign of the missing woman.

Family members were concerned for her safety and just wanted this search to be over.

Less than a mile down the road and six hours after the search began, she was found alive.

She was found by an all out effort from a community that did not give up hope.