Alabama's ranks second in uninsured drivers

Alabama's ranks second in uninsured drivers

Alabamians are leading the nation in driving statistics, but in this case, that's not a good thing.

A national study shows Alabama tied with California for 2nd in having the most un-insured drivers.

Not a stat to be proud of, but it didn't surprise too many people we talked to.

The lack of liability here in the Heart of the Valley is the focus of this Investigators Report.

You may not know it, but you see them everyday.

On your way to work, and on your way home.

They're un-insured drivers, and in the state of Alabama they're everywhere.

According to a national survey, we rank 2nd for highest percentage of un-insured motorists.

The Insurance Research Council's study shows 25 percent of Alabama drivers lacked insurance from the time the mandatory law started in 1999 through 2004.

Trooper Curtis Summerville says the Alabama State Troopers are "writing a significant amount of tickets in Alabama so it's not a surprise to me that we are tied for 2nd."

The ranking suggests Alabama's mandatory auto insurance law has had little to no effect on un-insured drivers.

So why's it so hard for Alabamians to show a piece of paper?

Trooper Summerville adds, "there are various reasons why people don't have insurance, some people feel it's too high, some people say they haven't been in a traffic incident and don't need insurance."

Alabama is second worst for uninsured drivers, so who's number one?

Well, our neighbors to the west in Mississippi are the only state ranking higher than Alabama.