Mission Makeover

Mission Makeover

Most of us have seen astounding before and after pictures with some of the reality TV make- over shows.

Folks who've had surgery, dental work and even a different hair cut truly can look like a different person.

One group in Decatur is capitalizing on that theme with "Mission: Makeover".

This isn't just a rags to riches story, it's also about giving back to the community

Tickets for the Denim & Diamonds Reveal concert are $45 dollars and that money goes to the Decatur General Hospital Foundation, the free clinic and the Morgan County Habitat for Humanity.

Organizers say the premise is one you have probably seen before.

The Princess Theatre is all ready for today's festivities.

This is the second year for "Mission: Makeover," based on the makeover TV Shows.

"And I started thinking...well I have a group of talented friends and if we all got together we could combine our gifts and our talents," says Dr. Stephanie Teichmiller.

Dentistry, plastic surgery, eye care, hair, makeup and pretty pictures of the combination are all the ingredients of the make over.

This years winner will be revealed during the festivities.

And who will that be? It will cost you $45 to find out, but with that you get dinner, a silent drawing for a mega mini makeover and entertainment from Cook and Glenn.