More delays for new jail

More delays for new jail

Another delay, another dollar...or millions of dollars.

Construction on the new Madison County-Metro Jail can't continue until workers repair design problems.

The new jail is the focus of this WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

Piece by piece. Brick by brick. The concrete walls must come down around the new Madison County-Metro Jail.

The problem? Bulldozers peel back a costly flaw.

The damp proofing, or black coating you see behind the brick, has to be replaced to keep water from seeping inside the building.

When that's finished, new brick will be put back at least 2 floors higher than the previous job to keep moisture out.

Construction on the Madison County-Metro Jail is already nearly 2 years behind.

Crews can't move forward until they repair design problems with the building.

Last year, the city of Huntsville voted to fire the contractor, Dawson Contracting Incorporated, after problems with repeated work delays and extra costs.

Construction cost on the jail was slated for $24 million.

The cost has since gone up by $6 million.

The jail was originally set to open by the end of 2006.

It could be as late as 2008.