Thieves hit Decatur subdivision overnight

Thieves hit Decatur subdivision overnight

Gone are the days when you can go to bed with your home and car doors unlocked.

Residents of a southwest Decatur neighborhood are frustrated and afraid.

A group of thieves vandalized several cars in the Sumac Road and Tammy Street area.

Everything from debit cards to cash was stolen.

Steven Steiner is checking to make sure his vehicle has no damage after an overnight burglary spree in his neighborhood.

This is his 7th year in this house and he has been hit before.

"It's a risk, if they break into cars they might start breaking into houses," says Steiner.

He's luckier than Travis Campbell. a 5-year resident whose car was broken into overnight.

Sound in his dreams of restoring his Caprice, his dreams in shards all over the seat.

He lost $80 , his debit card, and more.

"Actually I just bought a tape deck that I bought and paid like...$400 for last week," says Campbell.

The vast majority of the victims here had left their car doors open.

Police say there's a lesson in this.

"The age of going and leaving your car unlocked and your doors unlocked, that age is long gone. Anything of value in your car you need to take into your home with you when you get out," says Sgt. Steve Campbell.

And remember even a quiet, peaceful neighborhood can be a target.

More than 10 cars have been burglarized and police think they all were hit by the same people.