New corporation hiring now

New corporation hiring now

Many people in the Valley and neighboring states have their sights set on one of the almost 2,000 new jobs coming to the Shoals.

Governor Riley announced yesterday the National Alabama Corporation has chosen to build at the Barton Industrial Park near Cherokee in Colbert County.

The company is already hiring for the positions even though they're not expected to break ground for another 2 weeks.

They already have some positions filled and are looking to fill hundreds more.

Wednesday the Governor and company leaders announced the new freight car manufacturer is expected to employ 1,800 people.

The National Alabama Corporation is working with AIDT to provide pre-employment training.

Also AIDT has partnered with Northwest Shoals Community College to help in the hiring process.

Their state-of-the-art welding program will also be helping to train new employees.

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"Whether it's facilitating them in our structure that we have here or to provide this training through out department. We'll be working with AIDT to get that taken care of and to help them as best we can," says Trent Randolph.