Unanswered questions torture for Kim's and Haleigh's family

Unanswered questions torture for Kim's and Haleigh's family

Investigators are still following up on leads in the case of a missing mother and daughter in Jackson County.

There's still no word on the whereabouts of Kim Whitton and her 11-year-old daughter Haleigh Culwell.

Kim's and Haleigh's family says not knowing is the hardest part.

Kim Whitton and Haleigh Culwell mysteriously disappeared June 21st.

A month without answers is torture for their family.

"We don't know if they're alive or dead. We don't, you know it's just terrible. You wonder everyday are we going to see them today. Is there any news? Can they not tell us something. I'd just like to have them back," said Sherri Compton, Kim's sister and Haleigh's aunt.

The last known video of Kim and Haleigh was taken at Easter in Blount County.

"That's all we have of them, now. It's such a pain, I've never had a physical pain that hurts this bad," said Compton.

Kim's husband, Barry Whitton, is a suspect in their disappearance.

A search of the Whitton property in Jackson County last week turned up possible blood evidence in and around a truck on the property, in the residence and on a small hatchet.

The FBI says it could be weeks before we know if it's human blood, and if it's Kim or Haleigh's.

"I'm hoping that it don't drag out for weeks. And I certainly don't want it to drag out for months or even a year because I just don't think my family can handle that. Just some closure would be nice. If we could just have some closure, just know where they are, some place that we can say that's where Kim and Haleigh are. So we can just go on," said Compton.

For now, all the family has are memories and fading hope this story will have a happy ending.

If you have any information that can help this family find Kim and Haleigh, they ask that you call the toll-free FBI tip line. That number is 877-628-2533.