Internal investigation launched at Alabama A&M

Internal investigation launched at Alabama A&M

After a series of our reports about possible payroll improprieties, an internal investigation was launched at Alabama A&M.

As head of the board of trustees at Alabama A&M, Governor Bob Riley promised us he would take these allegations against president Robert Jennings seriously. 
Today board president Dr. Shefton Riggins, said he assigned 3 members of the board of trustees to look into the recent allegations of possible payroll improprieties.

Those board members assigned the task include Trustee Raymond Burse, Trustee Lewis Gillis and Trustee Lynn Sherrod.

Board Attorney Rod Steakley will assist the group.

This internal investigation comes after the WAFF 48 Investigators uncovered payroll documents showing former employee Marco McMillian received a full month's salary, when in fact he was nearly a thousand miles away attending school in Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Jennings signed off on those payroll documents and he admits McMillian's time sheet does not reflect the time he had off during the month of July in 2006.

However, he says McMillian worked extra hours before and after his time away to make up for the time he missed.

Still, the question remains. Is that proper?

We've looked at the university's handbook and we've asked the Governor.

The next step will come once today's assigned group of board members reaches their conclusion about the possibility of payroll improprieties at Alabama A&M.