Sex offender wanted by Athens might be living in Mobile and with minors

Sex offender wanted by Athens might be living in Mobile and with minors

WAFF 48's to Catch a Predator is working hard to track down a sex offender who has repeatedly failed to register and who had also been living with a minor.

William Joseph Henderson is no stranger to law enforcement.

Certain laws are put into effect so that convicted sex offenders live up to the consequences of their crime, and more importantly, that they hopefully don't re-offend.

But Henderson just keeps beating the system.

He was convicted in Louisiana, charged in Lauderdale County, and is now wanted by Athens.

In February 2000, Henderson was convicted in Jackson Parish, Louisiana for carnal knowledge of a minor.

That's similar to rape second in Alabama.

Records show a month after his guilty plea, Henderson made his way to Lauderdale County, where he did register with the sheriff's office, giving a Rogersville address.

In December that same year, he was arrested on public intoxication and that's when police realized Henderson hadn't been registering.

In July of 2005, the state tried notifying him, but letters were returned.

In August of 2006, investigators received information Henderson was living in Rogersville with a woman and small children.

The latter is a big violation of his terms of conviction.

In February of this year, Henderson was taken into custody by Lauderdale County.

Tips revealed the sex offender was living in Athens.

Henderson was charged with failure to register and failure to notify change of address.

But ironically that case was dismissed, because Henderson wasn't properly schooled on Megan's Law and partially because during that time a lot of changes were being made to the law.

Henderson had to sign paperwork saying he was now fully aware of his responsibilities as a sex offender.

He was sent back to the Bayou State to face parole violations.

"He got out of prison in Louisiana in May and was back in Athens in June," says Capt. Marty Bruce with the Athens Police Department.

From June 2-22, Henderson was residing with his girlfriend at the Budget Inn.

"We found his girlfriend's 14-year-old son at the motel room," says Bruce.

But Henderson skipped town.

We stopped by the motel.

Upon seeing his picture, management explained Henderson never used his named; he stayed under the name Stephanie Davis.

Capt. Bruce sat down with WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator.

His agency has gotten information Henderson is likely in Mobile, but he never notified north or south Alabama law enforcement.

Authorities say Henderson has family in the Mobile area.

They believe he might be with his girlfriend.

He has no excuse now not to cooperate with law enforcement.

If you have any information on Willie Joseph Henderson, please call Athens Police at (256) 233-8700.