Astronauts land in Huntsville

Astronauts land in Huntsville

The crew of space shuttle mission STS-117 made a visit to the Marshall Space Flight center Tuesday to talk with employees and space campers, much different than the last time we spoke with them when they were 200 miles above the earth's surface.

They said goodbye, and Tuesday they said hello, again, but this time from the same level as those who came to meet them.

"We're here to thank all the great people that work for the marshall space flight center," says Commander Rick Sturckow.

The astronauts shared stories from their 14 day mission which flew June 8th through the 22nd.

The mission successfully increased the power capability of the International Space Station, preparing for the future delivery of european and japanese laboratories.

WAFF 48 News Reporter Eric Sollman talked to the crew when they were on-board Atlantis about Marshall's role in their mission.

The OGS or oxygen generation system generates O2 aboard the ISS.

The 1,800 pound refrigerator-sized component was delivered on Space Shuttle Discovery's mission.

Mission Specialist James Reilly made repairs to the the OGS in June, while hovering amidst the great beyond.

"It wasn't really designed to be replaced on orbit, so it was a pretty tricky task, so we got together with the folks here [Marshall], and got some tools that worked beautifully in orbit," says Reilly.

The oxygen generation system that was designed and tested here at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center was tested this past week aboard the International Space Station.

Starting in 2009, the new hardware will allow more people on-board the ISS.