Valley soldier injured in Iraq

Valley soldier injured in Iraq

A Valley soldier is recovering after he was injured while serving in Iraq.

Private Daniel Segers grew up in Albertville and entered the military straight out of high school.

Segers' father spoke with WAFF 48 News and says his son is back in the United States and is doing better.

"It's so good to hear his voice, I've got to talk to him a few times," says Larry Segers of Albertville.

On July 9th Larry Segers' son Daniel was hit by indirect fire while on ground patrol in Baghdad.

Private Segers of the First Calvary Division suffered injuries to the right side of his body.

To add insult to injury, it happened on the night of his 20th birthday.

"That's a birthday present you wouldn't want to get," says Segers.

"He's out in San Antonio Texas in a hospital, he's had some surgery's over in Germany, and he seems to be doing quite a bit better, and I think he's going to make a full recovery."

Page after page, picture after picture, his father and stepmother have chronicled his military memories in a scrap book.

Courage and honor are a few words they use to describe Daniel's efforts, efforts they're proud of, and efforts the military will likely effort medals toward.

"I think they've said he may have a couple of purple hearts, but we're hoping to find out more information with that, but I'm very proud of him, I sure am," says Segers.

Larry Segers says he's spoken with his son by phone and says he's glad to know he has friends thinking about him at a time like this.

His father says Daniel would like to thank everyone for their concern and says it's making the recovery process much easier.