Violent weekend across the Valley

Violent weekend across the Valley

Several violent and deadly crimes occured in the Valley over the weekend.

A man's been charged with murder after police say he stabbed his childhood friend to death.

The other, an alcohol-related argument that led to a fatal shooting.

This was an unusually busy weekend for police across the Valley.

They were swamped with robbery calls, stabbings, and shootings.

Its tonight's WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

According to Lauderdale County Investigators, Friday night, a fight, fueled by alcohol, broke out between neighbors.

Investigators say Zachery Smith shot James Davis in the abdomen.

Davis died at a Florence hospital.

Smith is charged with murder.

Early Saturday morning, police say 26 year old James Daniel Harbin was stabbed to death at a home on Beirne Avenue.

Investigators say he was trying to break up a fight when he was killed.

Christopher Allen Branch is charged with the crime.

On Sunday, Huntsville Police and emergency crews responded to a second homicide investigation.

This one on Mason Court.

29-year old William Lee McComb Junior was shot and killed.

Hours before, on Martin Road, investigators say a man kicked in the door to his ex-girlfriend's apartment and fired 2 shots.

The woman and a male companion were hit by gunfire and taken to Huntsville Hospital.

Police say the two crimes are not related, but the cases that happened this weekend all have something in common.

"A majority of these homicides the victims knew the suspects in this case a lot of them are domestic violence related crimes of passion," said Wendell Johnson.

That could be a possibility in an unrelated case in Lauderdale County.

A woman was attacked by her teenage son.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a domestic violence call on County Road 6 in the Pettersville Community.

Investigators found Ruby Epps shot in the shoulder.

They took her 16 year old son into custody.

This weekend's violence brings the homicide rate for the year in Huntsville to 13.

In all of 2006, there were 16 murders.