Summertime means petty summer crime in Huntsville

Summertime means petty summer crime in Huntsville

Summertime, summer crime.

That's right, crime goes up when the heat rises in Madison County. Most of it's considered petty crime, committed out of boredom by teens. But sometimes those petty crimes can be dangerous.

Jennifer Tidwell lives in Mobile and it's usually a pretty pleasant trip when she heads north to visit family and friends in Huntsville. This latest visit, though, was not what she expected.

It was Thursday, already dark and Tidwell was driving home to her parent's house. Everything was fine until she caught a suspicious glance out of the corner of her eye.

What those eyes saw along Sparkman Drive, just past the school, surprised and angered her.

"Two males on the side of the road raise back their arms and throw as hard as they can," she said.

The men, late teens, maybe early 20s. What did they throw? A baseball, a glass bottle, maybe a brick? Tidwell doesn't know. But clearly, something solid enough to smash her windshield.

"The glass shattered all inside the car and if I hadn't seen them throw it I might have been startled enough to swerve the car and wreck or cause someone else to wreck," said Tidwell.

Tidwell pulled over and called police. The offenders took off and that means they just might do it again. She wants everyone to watch out.

"Be aware of what's going on around them when they're driving," she said.

Law enforcement has its own message for anyone even thinking about such a dangerous prank.

"It is a felony punishable up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $500," said Chris Stephens, Chief Deputy of the Madison County Sheriff's Department. "That is absolutely extremely dangerous and we do take it seriously."

Tidwell says it will cost a couple hundred dollars to replace the windshield. But she's grateful more damage wasn't done.