Car theft ring busted

Car theft ring busted

Some Valley men will think twice before they decide to take cars that don't belong to them.

They're accused of taking several cars in an area near Ardmore in Limestone County.

The odd thing was the cars weren't valuable .

These guys were allegedly going after junky cars.

Even though property owner Dewy Standridge was out of town, a warrant was issued on the men.

"A neighbor notified him of what was happening on his property," said Limestone County Investigator Stanley W. Mcnatt. "They were taking these cars to a salvage yard in Limestone County and selling them for scrap."

Those arrested were 50-year-old Randall Daly, 39-year- old Vascar Thad Barnett, and 30-year-old Joshua Gabe Hasting.

All 3 were charged with first degree theft and some had outstanding warrants.

Authorities feel confident there will be 2 more arrests soon.