Limestone County authorities find escaped inmate

Limestone County authorities find escaped inmate

The search for an escaped inmate in Limestone County is over.

32 year old Brian Gregory Terrell was found on Wednesday on Little Cove Road.

He was under a bridge, fishing.

The District 3 tool shed was the general area of an escape for a work release trustee.

Terrell was assigned with a group to pick up litter.

"[He] apparently had made arraignments with his brother the night before to pick him up near the district 3 tool shed," says Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely. "It's been some time since we've had one to run off. We try to screen them and make sure they don't have rabbit in their blood before we put them out there on the road crews."

Terrell's brother showed up at a USA gas station in Limestone County asking for directions and where the local prisoners worked. He said he was there to pick up his brother.

"We found his brother yesterday afternoon and he's charged with facilitating an escape. There's a possibility that there may be some other people that may be charged in this case if they in any way helped harbor or help provide assistance to stay out of jail," says Blakely.

Blakely says he doesn't believe Terrell is a danger to the public, but he does have a message for the inmate.

"If he's listening out there the best thing he could do is turn himself in."