Decatur P.D. looking for a few good cops

Decatur P.D. looking for a few good cops

Decatur police are always on hand in an emergency, but lately they've been fewer in number than they would like.

So they are taking steps to increase their ranks, according to Lt. Chris Mathews the public information officer.

"Something very proactive that the mayor and council have done is they're going to allow us to over hire at this time."

He says that will put them slightly ahead.

"What we have found is that if we hire 8 officers, for example, by the time they get trained and get on the streets, we generally have another group of officers that may retire or they may go on to other jobs."

The Decatur Police Department is always trying to reflect a good image and that's especially important in the middle of a recruiting campaign.

Mathews says they are always looking for new ways to recruit.

"A very positive thing we've done is created a recruitment brochure or flyer. We have a recruitment team that goes out to colleges and universities and job fairs."

When recruiters go to these events they now will have something tangible to give away.