Lawrence County courthouse unsafe

Lawrence County courthouse unsafe

One look at this 1930's era building and you can tell it's seen better days. But they are making progress according to County Commissioner Mose Jones.

"We have completed the roof and we are headed to the next phase."

That roof included specifics all costing $132,000.   That's a drop in the bucket for total upgrade costs.

So what about the time frame?

"We not going to get it done in 30 days," says Jones.

A big circuit courtroom has been totally refurbished and a smaller district court room in the basement even has central air conditioning.

To give you an idea of how antiquated some of the systems are, this window unit is the only one in the lobby. They have that fan in front of it hoping to push the air all the way to the other end of the building.

There are some units in offices.

One of the biggest problems are extension cords draped everywhere, even over the plumbing.

"We have got some extension cords up off the floor and now as they say they're up here on the ceiling," says Jones.

He says they will find the money somewhere.

"We will file a motion of appeal and our attorney will meet with the fire marshal Friday."

Jones says at some point they will have to build a new courthouse, but for now they hope federal funding for historic places can tide them over and help with repairs.