Murdered man found, identified

Murdered man found, identified

One person is dead after a shooting in Huntsville.

Huntsville police have been on the scene at a home on Wedgewood Road all afternoon.

That scene was the home 22 year old Cedric Oliver shared with his cousin.

Oliver's grandfather tells us he came over to his grandson's home today and found him lying on the kitchen floor.

He had been shot.

Family members say the last time they heard from Oliver was Saturday.

Upon their discovery today, family immediately notified Huntsville Police.

Officers got to the house just before noon.

Investigators were in and out trying to sort through any evidence that could lead them to a suspect.

It is confirmed they are dealing with a murder investigation.

Meanwhile, officers learned that a black Tahoe belonging to the victim was not at his residence.

Investigators found that vehicle a half a mile from the crime scene at Jordan and Oakwood sitting in the middle of a carwash.

The original license plate was found inside the garage and the Tahoe had a different plate on it.

At this time authorities don't know who that current tag is registered to and have taken the vehicle in for processing.

They aren't releasing a precise cause of death and they haven't named a suspect, but they are hard at work trying to find who killed Cedric Oliver.

If you have any information that can help police please call HPD at 256-722-7100.

Family members desperately want to find out who was responsible for killing their loved one.