Take me out to the ball game

In case you missed it, there is a champion in the Heart of the Valley. The Huntsville Stars are your first-half champions of the Southern League. Unfortunately, their loyal fan base is few in number. The club averages just more than 2,200 fans a game, which is 9th out of 10th in the Southern League.

Even though they put a quality product on the field, few seem to show their support. One reason may be the ball park. Joe Davis Stadium is certainly functional, but it lacks the family-friendly attractions that have made minor league baseball one of the hottest tickets in towns both larger and smaller than Huntsville.

This is something Stars' ownership and the city of Huntsville need to get together on and address. Because whether you like baseball or not, a professional sports team is an attraction worth keeping in Huntsville. To lose a team to apathy and inaction would send a message contrary to the one that attracts people and business to the Heart of the Valley.