China Crisis?

There is news this week that should concern every consumer and give you another reason to read the label before you buy.

Products imported from China are being recalled at an alarming rate because they contain poison. Earlier this year, tainted pet foods made their way onto American shelves. Now it's toothpaste. According to a report in the New York Times, nearly a million tubes which contain a poison used in anti-freeze have turned up in the bins of discount stores, and even in hospitals and hotels.

The federal government has ordered that consumers discard all Chinese-made toothpaste, regardless of the brand.

A totalitarian regime, an industrial explosion, plus billions of people to provide cheap labor have contributed to a flood of cheap goods from China into American homes.

Nobody loves a bargain the way we do. But that savings comes with a price, and right now that price is our safety. We need to make sure we know exactly what we are buying and where it comes from. The good news is that your dollar can do more to solve this problem than the FDA or Port Authority.

If consumers stop buying products that come from places like China who have little regard for their own people's health and welfare, let alone ours, then the market will dictate product safety standards that our government is unable to enforce.