Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is by far my favorite secular holiday. There's no cards or gifts to worry about. If you're a kid, then school is out and it's Summer time. What's better than that?

It is a day designated to celebrate our freedom. Freedom... and with it the pursuit of happiness, concepts that are simple enough to understand, yet brilliant in their complexity and application. Concepts that are American in every way.

That is not to say that ours is a perfect country, or that our ideals aren't always celebrated with a pure heart. Our country is at war and brave young men and women are paying the price for it at the very moment others are flipping burgers on the grill. We need to remember this and respect them this and all other days.

But we also need to remember this: We live in the best country on earth. The only thing that exceeds the number of those who fought and died to keep us free is the number of people dying to live here. No matter what your situation, things get better and better for all of us, because each of us lives in the freedom that we celebrate this 4th of July.