Residents still asked to conserve water

Residents still asked to conserve water

Some areas of the Valley have enjoyed a little relief from the drought this week.

Residents should still help conserve water.

It's been a dry spring and summer and this year's drought is the worst on record for north Alabama.

Spotty afternoon rain showers have helped some.

Last month, at the height of the drought, water departments asked customers to cut back on outdoor watering.

The request worked, because the system averaged 64 million gallons a day, down from 66 million gallons being pumped before.

That information was supplied to WAFF 48 from Huntsville Utilities.

Even though we've had some rain, customers are still being asked to voluntarily reduce their water use.

That means you should water your lawn in the morning and evenings, not in the hot part of the day, and wash your car less.

This will help protect the water system and build up reserves.

North Alabama remains under a drought.

Conditions are worse in the central part of the state.