Loud music banned in city of Huntsville

Loud music banned in city of Huntsville

Enjoy cranking up your favorite tunes?

It could cost you if police catch you blasting music from your car.

Highway 72 and Jordan Lane is a high traffic intersection packed with noisy vehicles and the familiar beat of a blaring car stereo.

Windows down.

In a fog of smoke.

Jamming to the music.

This driver is unaware he's breaking the law.

Huntsville Police are fed up with ear piercing music.

"They just decide to have a party. You can hear music thumping rattling," says Huntsville Police Spokesman Wendell Johnson.

Even with the windows rolled up, anyone standing outside the car can still hear music coming out of the speakers. Even 25 feet away, a police officer can give you a ticket for violating the noise ordinance.

"We did about 230 tickets last year violating that noise ordinance," says Johnson.

Mostly after hours, when crowds congregate in empty parking lots, listening to the latest hits so loudly the beat shakes the ground.

Businesses complain.

Police take action.

"If an officer is driving down the street on University that vehicle is 25 feet away from here those speakers thumping that motorist will get a traffic citation," says Johnson.

Those signs are posted at various intersections in Huntsville.

The cost for breaking the city's noise ordinance is $250.00.