Draft beer coming to Florence

Draft beer coming to Florence

Valley leaders in the Shoals have agreed to sell draft beer in their city.

Florence city leaders approved the proposal Tuesday night. It's set to take effect on September 1. This will give distributors time to get ready.

To the delight of many beer drinkers, draft beer is coming to Florence. The city won't allow draft beer to be sold until the fall, since distributors need time get the equipment in place.

"I will need a refrigerated truck to deliver it on and the employee trained possibly adding one more employee but at the present time we're going to try to work with the people we have, said Marty McCain, manager of Supreme Beverages.

He says that several of his employees will have to take classes to become certified in draft sales. Many vendors require specific cleaning techniques for kegs and pipes. The cost to prepare for the change is in the thousands of dollars.

"It's a lot of initial investment. For the restaurants there's an investment there also but there's a lot of profit in it for them, said McCain.

McCain adds it will take a while for the money invested to pay for itself but it will be worth it in the long run.