Drivers try to weather Sunday storms but some get stuck

Drivers try to weather Sunday storms but some get stuck

The weather was pretty rough on some Valley drivers, causing tie-ups and even big time damage for property owners.

The downpour lasted nearly two hours.

For drivers their headlights and windshield wipers didn't provide much consolation.

In Morgan County, an old general store found itself in the middle of the fierce storm.

Hulaco General Store at Hulaco Road and Highway 67 in Morgan County fell victim to Mother Nature's wrath.

High winds tore the roof off the building.

Parts of that roof dangled off the structure and into power lines making the clean up, a tricky one.

Emergency crews had to shut down one lane of highway traffic while they dealt with quite a mess.

At the same time, and just a county away, in Huntsville, driver's saw Mother Nature's wrath.

Conditions were muggy and foggy, a bad combination when the rain is pounding on your windshield.

Headlights weren't much help.

Responders pulled up to the Parkway near Bob Wallace to help pull a truck out of the middle of the Parkway, turned the wrong way, on a busy road.

Lightning was also prevalent.

Larry Lee, a service technician at Firestone on North Memorial Parkway says, "It was just a hard steady downpour and it seems like everything was just coming off the Parkway.  Of course, the Parkway was flooded out."

Lee saw inches of water rising on country club avenue, a side street between the Shell Station and his business.

The standing water got to be such a problem that Huntsville Police had to back off parts of the roadway leading up to the Parkway.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue had to come to the rescue of a driver and passenger after the driver attempted to make it through the standing water.

Unfortunately, that car will likely have to be towed from the water damage it encountered.