Siegelman and Scrushy in Atlanta

Siegelman and Scrushy in Atlanta

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and former Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy are in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary to begin serving their prison sentences.

Siegelman was stripped of his belt and led away in shackles after being sentenced to 88 months behind bars.

Scrushy's punishment? 82 months.

Meanwhile, their attorneys have filed an emergency appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals asking both men be freed on bond while the 11th Circuit considers the case.

Siegelman's attorneys were at the federal courthouse in Montgomery this morning filing that paperwork, meanwhile, both men are a state away, everyone uncertain of what will happen next.

Minutes after a federal judge sentenced Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy to prison, US Marshals shackled their legs, handcuffed them, loaded them in this van and drove them to the federal prison in Atlanta while they wait for permanent assignment.

Friday morning, Siegelman's attorneys filed motions and appeals, including one seeking emergency bond. They say they do not know if the former Governor is in the general prison population.

"Having worked in the federal prison myself, I'd say absolutely not. We have concerns, we voiced them to marshals, they assured us they would do everything they could," says Siegelman's attorney Susan James.

Thursday night, Siegelman and Scrushy addressed the court for the first time, Siegelman with a tearful plea for mercy, Scrushy, introducing the judge to his family of 10, asking the judge to consider his charitable good deeds for leniency.

Prosecutors in the case sought 30 years for Siegelman and 25 for Scrushy, to which the judge only sentenced the men a fraction of that time.

Despite that, prosecutor Steve Feaga, who's now convicted two Alabama Governors, says the people should be proud.

"Hopefully this time they'll get the message. It's a sad day when a politician's convicted of crimes, but it's a good day for justice."

Siegelman and Scrushy are in Atlanta temporarily.

It takes about 45 days to be assigned to a federal prison.

However, their attorneys hope they are out on appeal as soon as next week.