Fireworks limitations take the fizzle out of the Fourth

Fireworks limitations take the fizzle out of the Fourth

There's new information this weekend regarding North Alabama's fireworks restrictions.

More than a week ago, the use of all fireworks was banned.

Now, only a few are restricted.

According to Alabama's Forestry Commission's web site, the only fireworks which may not be discharged are skyrockets with sticks, and rockets or missiles with rudders or fins.

It's a firecracker of a controversy that has WAFF 48 News clearing the air.

In the land we love, we want to see one heck of a firework show.

But while we salute the red, white and blue make sure you don't light a few types, including bottle rockets, an all time favorite.

"The only things are finned type, anything with sticks, rudders or fins," says firework distributor and volunteer fire fighter Daren Mounts.

Basically, he says it restricts rockets, missles or anything that shoots out of your control.

"The reason they have a ban on the rockets is that they're uncontrollable. They may go this way, they may go that way," says Mounts.

But the way you can still fun.

You can shoot the buzz booms, the twizzlers, the keg party even the bling bling.

"What I hope is that families with kids get the news right that all fireworks aren't banned anymore," says Mounts.

So before you buy that black cat magic, know a fin, stick or rudder might get you popped.

WAFF 48 News also wants to clear that firework stands can sell any type of firework.

By law they cannot be shut down, and you can also buy anything you want.

It's up to you to know the law -- no sticks, rudders, or fins.