Sporting events held in Decatur boost for economy

Sporting events held in Decatur boost for economy

Think tourist destinations and areas like the beach or the mountains come to mind, but one Valley city is turning into a tourism Mecca.

Decatur may not be a big metropolitan area, but one thing they are known for is sports.

Tourism bucks are starting to add up in Decatur, thanks to the sports venues.

"We've had an opportunity with our city to invest money in our soccer fields and this has been wonderful. We've hosted the President's Cup. We have the Governor's Cup," says Tami Reist.

Another draw? Softball with state and regional tournaments.

One of the reasons for Decatur's tourism success is this place. This is Ingles Marina.

It's home to some big bass tournaments, but it's also home to some recreation for local residents.

"Residents here come to just fish from the bank, everybody's just enjoying the thing," says Don Garner.

The tournaments bring FOX, ESPN, and national TV coverage.

National and international attention is also being focused on Decatur for second year for Timber Sports.

TheTV coverage is why these guys picked the river city.

"Decatur really understood that. I gotta tell you that from the CVB, to the police force to the fire department, everyone got behind us and made it easy to produce the event," says Roger Phelps.

"I think the secret is we have a lot of hard working people that really have a passion for this area and they want to see things happen," says Reist.

Timber Sports events will be this Saturday and Sunday starting at Noon each day.

Saturday's first event for the lumber jacks will be the spring board competition.