Duo scams woman

Duo scams woman

Scams are everywhere.  They come in every form and fashion.

For one Valley woman the scam came walking right up to her as she put away her groceries.

"Wow..that's some money!"

That was Romelia Ivey's reaction when she saw an envelope full of money...little did she know it was scam.

"I lost 110 dollars plus 5 cases of drinks," says Ivey.

It happened in a business parking lot last Friday.

Ivey says as she was loading her car a women came out of nowhere and said, "She had found this envelope which was a picture envelope photo envelope she needed to get it back to it's owner."

Inside the envelope was a mysterious $35,000.

That's when a second woman appeared offering her help.

"They said we could turn it into the police, and I said yeah...and then they said you know if you turn it into them they're not going to give it back," says Ivey.

Yet that's when things Ivey says stopped adding up.

While she sat in the parking lot one woman went to a nearby business to see if the money was real.  The woman returned asking for some of Ivey's money -- she said to help verify.

"She put this ladies in one part of the divider in her wallet and then she put my 110 dollars in the other part of her divider....but none of the money came back," says Ivey.

Those women and her money gone in the flash; her words strong in meaning, "Evil is in all races, and we just can go out and look at say she's not evil, she came in sheep clothing, but she was very evil," says Ivey.

Her faith, now even stronger.