To Catch a Predator's First Offender Arrested/A&M Police Make Big Arrest

To Catch a Predator's First Offender Arrested/A&M Police Make Big Arrest

Three separate Valley law enforcement agencies charged convicted sex offenders with violating the Community Notification Act.

All thanks to tips from the public.

Not only do we want to highlight good policing in the Valley, we also want to commend our viewers in this WAFF 48 Investigators Special Report.

In 1997 in Pennsylvania, 58-year-old Everstein Johnson stalked, sexually assaulted, and made terrorist threats to a female Penn State student.

A newspaper's website goes into detail about what happened with that one victim including incidents on more than one occasion.

Johnson served 53 months in prison.

Fast forward to June 4th, 2007.

Alabama A&M Police Chief Mike Walker says, "He had enrolled here at Alabama A&M as a student for summer school."

He had just registered for summer classes, but apparently failed to register as a sex offender.

WAFF 48's Jeanie Powell asked Chief Walker: "Did he have any complains from students here?"

Walked said that wasn't the case.

Thursday, a tip came into the Alabama A&M Police Department that Johnson, who was living at Hopkins Residential Hall on-campus, hadn't been up front or up-to-date on his information.

Immediately, Walker and his department began investigating and a day later, he was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

Walker says, "He has to register to Madison County and he didn't do that."

Walker says Johnson's defense, in haste of enrolling in summer classes, he forgot.

But it might not be the only time it slipped his mind.

According to a Pennsylvania radio website for Shippensburg University, where at one point Johnson attended school, a news release reveals he was arrested in 2004 for violating Megan's Law.

Walker says, "Anytime you have a convicted sex offender, you always want to be able to know their whereabouts, know something about them. Anytime they come to a place without registering that's definitely a concern."

A&M Police say Johnson told them he recently lived in Birmingham and notified Jefferson County.

But Johnson can't be found on Alabama or Pennsylvania's sex offender registry sites.

Now, remember Ricky Wayne Morrison?

He was aired in our very first WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator.  He was wanted by Limestone County for not living at the address he gave them.

But local authorities were told he might be living in Lauderdale County.

Sure enough, the next day, tips came in and gave a location on County Road 600 in the Elgin community.

But when deputies arrived, they tell us, he fled.

Morrison's face has been broadcast ever since and viewer tips once again led Lauderdale County authorities to Morrison, and this time they caught him.

Lead investigator Travis Clemmons says, "The viewers were the hero in this... thanks to the news channel and the citizens here. They responded well, many phone calls. The citizens of Lauderdale County captured this gentleman."

Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely also wants to thank the public; his department has been after Morrison for some time.

Morrison was charged both in Limestone and Lauderdale County for violating the Community Notification Act.

Thanks for all of your help.