Second set of Honor Flight vets announced

Second set of Honor Flight vets announced

In May, the first group of the greatest generation of World War II veterans flew to D.C.

Today, the second group was announced.

Their flight is scheduled for September and for these 8 veterans, today was a special day.

First they were chosen to be aboard honor flight and second, honored by hundreds of men and women.

8 veterans, 8 soldiers each shaking hands, sharing stories, looking into the eyes of a different generation.

"It's really humbling to be sitting next to complete history," says Martin Jensen.

Jensen met the 8 who will be flying to D.C. this September aboard honor flight.

It's the second trip to be taken for a once-in-a-lifetime look at the new WWII Memorial, one built in their honor and about their history.

"I served on a LST in World War II and I was in Saipan the day the war ended," says Jack Livingston.

Livingston and Charles Bradford are both from Scottsboro.

Both served in WWII and the Korean war.

Bradford was also a prisoner of war.

"I think I will enjoy it, and I'm sure it will affect me, but I'm not really counting on that too much," says Bradford.

That's because he has his memories to count on and his fellow friends who will be making the trek with him.

"You have a certain comradery being with people who have been through the same thing you have, a special feeling for them."

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