City of Florence take stand against run-down properties

City of Florence take stand against run-down properties

If you own property in Florence, and it's become an eye-sore, you may want to get started on renovations.

Florence city council members have passed a resolution declaring certain properties as public nuisances and so far 11 properties have landed a spot on that list, including a run down house on 315 W. Mobile Street.

Neighbors and even those driving by would not be surprised.

The home is surrounded by red tape that reads danger do not enter.

Some parts of the home are held up by bricks.

The yard is littered with broken windows, overgrown weeds, and empty beer bottles.

A site that is not only an eye-sore but could cause major damage to property value.

Neighbors say whether or not these houses should be torn down depends on the situation.

Larry Clemmons lives near 315 Mobile.

"Now some of them you know are not worth leaving standing, you know need to be torn down but all these around in here can be fixed up."

After being listed as a public nuisance, the owners do have the option to negotiate with the city to get their property up to standard.

If not, it will be torn down.