Vaughn has violent history

Vaughn has violent history

Monday morning, 43 year old Ralph Vaughn held police in a stand off for hours.

Tuesday, the situation sparked our interest in Vaughn's past.

WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn pulled his rap sheet has more in tonight's investigator's report.

It's all there -- the facts, the history, the reputation of 43 year old Ralph Vaughn. Monday, Vaughn held police in a four hour stand off.

It ended peacefully with Vaughn dropping his weapon and surrendering in a pasture near his home on Old Monrovia.

Tuesday, Vaughn still sits in the Madison County Jail, but before his arrest, before the call to police he was a free man -- we're told: a scare; a threat to society.

Yesterday Madison County's Chief Deputy Chris Stephens spoke on the situation.

"The units indicated to me they had been to the residence on similar things."

Things we wanted to check out today.

Among the misdemeanors Vaughn's been arrested for speeding, DUI, and drug possession.

But what caught our attention was his history of violence.

In 1996, he was arrested for assault.

In 1997, 3rd degree assault.

In 2002, arrested for harassment.

Then again in the same year -- arrested for menacing.

"Menacing is the threat using a weapon, whether using a knife, a gun, a gesture of using either one," says Madison County Investigator Brent Patterson.

Gun, knife, or beer bottle -- every charge Vaughn has is still only a misdemeanor.

Posing the he really a threat to society?

"Based on Mr. Vaughn's history he is definitely a threat to society. Based on history with domestic violence, menacing, these charges are serious charges. It does bother me he could get out and what could happen next."

Monday's arrest has Vaughn currently behind bars.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance with a bond of $3,500, also with domestic violence with a $500 bond.