Police bust a major drug ring

Police bust a major drug ring

A drug trafficking ring that originated in Brownsville, TX, making its way to Hartselle, AL now has a break in the chain.

The Madison Morgan County Strategic Counter Drug Team was tipped off by immigration and customs enforcement.

With the help of Madison, Decatur, Huntsville, and Hartselle, our local agencies had to act fast.

Big time drugs, and lots of them, were being shipped by Fedex in computer CPU's from Brownsville to Hartselle.

A quick and effective investigation led agents to the home of old Douglas Michael Birdyshaw and Dana Vixon Birdyshaw, both 30, of Berrivine Ave. in Hartselle.

Both have been charged with trafficking marijuana and hydrocodone.

Agents recovered 3 lbs. of marijuana, thousands of tablets of hydrocodone, plus a significant amount of evidence pointing to a large cocaine dist ring.

They also found 2 dozen high end firearms, $66,000 in cash, and vehicles were also taken into evidence.

A roughly 24 hour long investigation led agents to this major drug operation.

This was a big accomplishment for our local agencies in such a quick amount of time.