Former police chief pleads guilty to molesting children

Former police chief pleads guilty to molesting children

Former Somerville Police Chief Chris Landers was in handcuffs as he left the Morgan County Courthouse.

He pleaded guilty to four counts as charged-2 counts of 1st degree sodomy, 1st degree sex abuse and enticing a child for sexual purposes.

Judge Steven Haddock sentenced him to 18 years, but how much prison time could he really serve?

Gerri Grant is an Assistant Attorney General.

"My feeling is that he really didn't serve any time and he shouldn't really get a whole lot of jail credit. But because he will not be eligible for good time, then he'll serve most of that sentence before he can come up for parole. So he should serve somewhere least 15 years."

The plea agreement was reached to protect the children and save them from testifying.  She adds, "They were traumatized and as prosecutors we have to deal with that and that's the most difficult part of it."

The attorney general's office prosecuted this case, and promises to step up the pace where child molesters are concerned.

Josh Bearden is also an assistant attorney general.  He says, "The attorney general's position along with the D.A.'s office's is that we're going to come in and prosecute these cases to the fullest to make sure that justice is done for children."