Jennings survives first A&M trustee evaluation

Jennings survives first A&M trustee evaluation

Alabama A&M's board of trustees has spoken and they say Robert Jennings will remain president at the university.

The decision comes on the heels of Jennings' first official evaluation, made public for the first time Friday. Some of it was positive, some negative.

"What we need here is a competent and professional administration," said Dr. Earl Gooding. And that's not the case right now, Gooding said.

As president of the faculty senate at Alabama A&M, Gooding raises several concerns about the president's performance to members of the university's board.

Those concerns, he says, were revealed in an evaluation of the president, kept confidential until now.

"The information was helpful but the information that was put forth today is the evaluation by the board of trustees," said Board president Dr. Shefton Riggins.

The final product of the evaluation -- a review, 1.5 pages long, outlining the board's final say, despite the negative feedback brought forward.

"At the end of the day the politics within the board will predominate over all of the factors and I think that's what we have seen here," said Gooding.

Jennings responds, "That's their opinion that's their position and they're entitled to that. "

Overall, Jennings' review reveals an equal amount of positive and negative feedback and is summed up in a news release from A&M in just two words... it stated he needs to "listen more."

"Any leader who comes into this particular institution and has to make changes, like some of the kind of changes that I have had to make and has to confront some of the issues that I've had to confront, there's gonna be somebody that's not going to be pleased with it," said Jennings.

The board asked Jennings to address the negative feedback in his evaluation and report back to the board within a month.