Increased police protection in Downtown Huntsville

People who frequent the downtown Huntsville area will soon begin to see more Huntsville Police Department officers on bikes, patrol cars and on foot.

This move, effective June 21st, is an effort to provide public safety for downtown businesses and citizens.

According to Police Chief Henry Reyes, the additional officers will augment the regular patrols now on duty. Reyes said, "We have a relatively low crime rate when it comes to people enjoying downtown restaurants and other night life Huntsville has to offer.

The additional police officers will work part-time on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and be paid by City Scapes, a group of business owners who want to see downtown thrive.

Reyes added, "The arrangement is similar to off-duty officers who work the malls, restaurants and other establishments across the city. Officers on bikes and on foot will be able to patrol alleys and parking lots more effectively."

According to Public Safety Director Rex Reynolds, "The agreement with City Scapes is in keeping with Mayor Loretta Spencer's vision of having a livelier, more vibrant open air night life to attract young professionals and long-time residents to enjoy downtown.